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Lot’s of talk back and forth about building planets and good ways of rendering them in the past few days.  Here’s the latest Earth render:


We got the maps from the Blue Marble site over at NASA but the shaders are still not right in my opinion.  Take a look at an actual shot of our Mom from space:


A giant version of this is available here and the Blue Marble mapping resources are here.

2 responses to “Earth”

  1. Oliver

    I tried making a planet, but the light would gradually fade away on the sphere, it ended abruptly when it hit the opposite hemisphere…

  2. Spence

    Yeah,.. you have to mess with the curves in the falloff material Here’s the material library I used. You can replace the image maps with ones of your own or you can download some here!

    Another option is to map the atmosphere as seen from the side onto a plane and then set the plane in the center of the sphere and make it camera facing. It’s an old game development trick.

    Happy Planeting!

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