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My iPad brings all the girls to the yard



Full day and a half of using my iPad and I can’t get it away from my teenage daughters – hence the snappy title.

  • Battery Life:
    • Absofuckinglutely unstoppable. I’ve had it on for the entire day today, playing movies, surfing the web – ooohhh… the web surfing… and drawing on it.
    • As of 8:15pm, battery is at 65%
  • UI:It’s cooler than SJ made it look in his easychair rollout talk. Smooth, fast and responsive without even one hiccup so far.
    • If you have an iPhone or a touch, you know what to do.
  • Apps:
    • I bought iWork.
      • Pages: Pretty damn cool. Kinda hard to type fast on the slippery keyboard, but I think I can get used to it. Extremely intuitive interface with one exception: where are all the files kept and why are there multiple copies? Must look into it.
      • Numbers: Seems exactly as useable as pages – I’m going to mess with it tonight.
    • iPhone apps sometimes crash.
    • iPhone apps look a little yucky compared to the “HD” versions of the iPad apps.
    • Google Maps app is shockingly fast and useable. The multitouch stuff really is amazing in this.
  • No Flash.
    • I have yet to find this a problem. CBS even has a (FREE) iPad app that lets you watch their shows (FREE) and it acts just like Hulu. I’m guessing that all the networks are going to do this if they like money. 700,000 sold in one day… yoiks!
  • GPS, Compass, Accelerometer:
    • All work flawlessly with most apps, though some of the app store purchases seem a little “rickety”… possibly the new API – I know there were some changes between iPhone and iPad.
  • Screen:
    • Sharp, crisp and fast.
    • Sticky fingers do leave some smudges though, I’ve had to clean it twice today but there’s been a ton of fingers on it.
  • Movies: Awesome. Clear and sharp and very fast to load.
  • Books:
    • I’ve purchased one book: Dies the fire, and it’s very readable – The one thing I might add is a “lock scree rotation” button. Occasionally, while shifting positions, the screen rotated on me.
    • There are a bazillion free downloads of all the classics. It felt funny loading Tolstoy and the collected works of Shakespear on it but I did it because I could.
  • Mail:
    • Pretty much the same a iPhone mail with more room.
  • Safari:
    • Holy mother of God this is where the iPad totally shines for me. The speed is fantastic, the refresh speed of the graphics is amazing and the multitouch to zoom in and out of pages at will is just so cool.

I had it with me at the aquarium today and the reactions were anything but ambivalent. I got one of two reactions:

1.) OMG is that an IPAD!! Want!
b.) Oh yeah, an iPad, I can’t believe you bought one.

The naysayers usually say: But it’s just a big iPod Touch…

My question is: “is that a bad thing?”

Still trying to figure out if this will replace the MBP… it might.

6 responses to “My iPad brings all the girls to the yard”

  1. david b

    OMG an ipad? WANT!!!

  2. Spence

    Jes,.. it is a luxury bauble…

  3. Jim

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the switch near the volume lock the screen rotation? I’ve been playing with the ones at work at apparently the switch is meant to lock the rotation. By the way, I will have to let you know more once the project is further along, but I am currently working on a project for school that involves me doing 3D projections on the side of a building. For a better idea of what I’m talking about, here is a link to a clip that a pro did on Vimeo.

  4. Spence

    Yup. You got it. It’s funny, the iPad doesn’t actually come with any kind of manual. Everything is on line. I guess I missed the part about the switch.. doh.

    OK, what am I seeing there? How would you project actual 3D on the side of a building?

  5. Jim

    Well, technically it’s not real 3D that’s being projected, per say… it’s just the illusion of 3D by using a very bright projector and by trying to match the surface you’re projecting on so that it appears that the surface is actually moving. I imagine the viewing angle can only go so far before the effect loses its touch.

    As for now, I am looking for the biggest blank side of a building I can get my hands on. This is because I will most likely only be able to test the projector the day of presentation, so I have to do all the guessing work before hand.

  6. Spence

    Jim that sounds fascinating! Do you have any pre-vis stuff to share?


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