About Lindsay Digital

I’m Spencer Lindsay and Lindsay Digital is my California S-Corp that I ran before joining Magic Leap in 2014. I have a bunch of partners who come together under this umbrella to build things for clients. I have two programmers, a 3D artist/rigger/animator, a sound guy, and a UX/UI maven who work with me when I need. 

I joke that, as a Technical Art Director, I am a bad artist who can't code. I've got a ton of pretty random skills, Mechanical design and assembly, Realtime 3D artist for over 20 years, VFX compositor, UI/UX designer, Business Development (I like people), Team Lead, Pipeline design/implementation. Theater tech. Photographer. Screen print artist. Exhibit design. 

I like learning things. :)

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Lindsay Digital

101 Cooper St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060