Building experiences

Magic Leap Marketing

In order to show the public what the Magic Leap technology looked like in person, Spencer  researched and built a “through lens” camera rig to capture what the user was actually seeing while wearing the device. This was the end result:

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Plankton Touch Wall

Before joining Magic Leap, Spencer Lindsay and Paul Reynolds teamed up with Eric Nardone at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to create several large-scale exhibits. This was one of our favorites:

Quantum3D Maintenence Trainer

Quantum3D builds training and simulation technology for a variety of clients. They were looking for a way to build an Augmented Reality training system to show new engineering employees how to fix a jet engine. Using a combination of Autodesk Maya, Unity3D and ARKit from Apple, we were able to put this together for them in a very short time frame: 

Quantum3D Maintenence Trainer (Apple AppStore)