Volumetric Capture

Moving Volumetric Video

Employing a system of up to 128 4K Machine Vision cameras and sensors, actors are photographed at 60FPS from as many vantage points as there are cameras. This data is then compiled into a sequence of 3D objects and textures and then played back in realtime, allowing the viewer to witness the action from any vantage point they choose.

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Using the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Stage in Redmond WA, two dancers were captured with 120 cameras and IR depth sensors and then converted into moving models and textures. These were brought into a simple photogrammetry captured flagstone environemnt with a background of Seattle captured from the top of the clients office.

Judith Summons

An artistic project exploring the possibilities of capturing real-world content from different spots on the globe and combining them in post production. Volume Capture in Grenoble France, Rocks from Arizona US, Skies from Utah US, assembled in Budapest Hungary.