Just a sample of what we do.

Volumetric Capture

Experience with both Microsoft and 4DViews Mixed Reality Capture systems from pre-production, client education and direction to post-production and deployment allows us to help you create compelling content for a fraction of the cost of traditional animation.


Using a combination of full-frame DSLR cameras and several UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles - Drones), hundreds of sequential photographs are captured of the target model and then stitched together to create highly accurate replicas of the subject. Once these models are created, they are simplified and polished so they can be used in either film (VFX) or realtime VR and AR applications.

Interactive Design and Production

Over 30 years of experience in interactive and digital art production for clients from Atari Games to Magic Leap. Spencer and his teams have built everything from VFX for films to creating exhibits for aquariums and museums to building through-lens photographic capture systems for Magic Leap.